Compact axial fans are used for equipment cooling. We have a wide range. Characteristics Dimensions (mm): 60×60, 80×80, 92×92, 119×119, 120×120, … Ø170, Ø180, Ø220, … AC or DC current 3Vdc, 5Vdc, 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc 115Vac or 230Vac (50Hz/60Hz) With or without ball bearings Working temperature: -30°C / +80°C (depending on model) Aluminium or plastic…


DOMESTIC FILTERS We supply multi-layer filters with high filtering efficiency for domestic extractor hoods. They are available in standard sizes and colours or can be customized according to client’s requirements. Material: aluminium or stainless steel With frame Filter layers with various types of metal meshes Optional plastic or metal handle Customizable colour Dishwasher safe (with…

Cable cords with plug

We have a wide range of plug cables. Characteristics: – PVC or rubber cable – Cable sections: from 0.75 mm2 to 2.5mm2 – Number of poles: 2 or 2 + Earth – Straight or angled plug – Plug material: PVC – Voltage: 250V – Intensity: ≤ 16A – Approvals: IMQ, VDE, ASTA, SAA – Country…


Solenoid valves have many applications in the industrial world. We have a wide range of high quality versions. Characteristics Outputs: 1, 2, 3 or 4 Body: PA66 – 30% GF Diaphragm: NBR, EPDM or LSR Coil: F class (155°C) Pressure: 0,2 to 10 bar Max. fluid temperature: 60°C or 90°C (3 On / 5 Off)…

Cam switches

We supply cam switches with a wide range of versions and accessories. Characteristics: Fixation on rear panel, base of door enclosure or DIN rail mounting From 12A to 200A From 110V to 690V Metal shaft Turning angles 30°; 45°; 60°; 90° ON/OFF function; switch; reversing motor; star-delta starter I need more information  

IEC Connectors

We have a wide range of IEC connectors, with various configurations: male or female, snap-in or screw mounting, with or without ground terminals, with one or two fuses. Applications Coffee machines Irons Small appliances Appliances with Earth connector Equipment with fuse protection Computers and peripherals See product


Threaded plug heaters are manufactured with a resistive wire placed inside a stainless steel tube and insulated with compacted magnesium oxide (MgO). The stainless steel tubes have a diameter of 6.5mm or 8.5mm and are welded to an AISI 304 plug with a 1 ½” thread, to which an IP 65 protection box is mounted…

Ceramic terminal blocks

High temperature terminal blocks with 1, 2 or 3 poles. The body of the terminal block is made of steatite, an alternative material to ceramic that allows certain advantages over it: High density Greater resistance to traction/compression forces and elasticity Higher dielectric resistance Non-flammable and stable dimensions up to 1000ºC See product

Transformadores eléctricos

Electrical transformers have several applications. In general, they are used to reduce the voltage in an AC circuit. Types: Transformers with standard 61558-2-2 Encapsulated Transformers (IP65 / IP68) IP20/21 Class II Transformers Toroidal Transformers Three-Phase Transformers See product


OKB single screw terminal blocks are made of transparent and self-extinguishing polycarbonate. They are ideal for electrical installations in homes. The fixing of the cables is very simple and fast. Characteristics: From 1 to 10 poles Cable sections from 1.5mm2 to 35mm2 UL94V2 self-extinguishing polycarbonate Maximum working temperature at 85ºC See product

Motors for Fan Coil

We supply universal motors for replacement of Fan Coils. They can be used in most of the equipment mounted in hotels, restaurants, offices, commercial premises and other non-domestic premises. Main features: Power from 27W to 420W Ball bearings 7 speeds Adjustable distance between fixations See product

Spark generators

Our spark generators are highly reliable thanks to the resin encapsulation that guarantees impermeability and mechanical resistance. They have from 2 to 8 outputs. Fixing is done by screws and snap-in. Applications: Gas hobs Gas ovens Gas stoves Boilers The switch harnesses are suitable for most manufacturers’ standard/safety taps. They are VDE approved. See product

Thermal protectors

A thermal protector prevents the protected element from reaching an excessive, unwanted temperature. It works by means of a bimetal. Bimetal consists of two joined metal sheets, which have different coefficients of expansion. By expanding with heat, the deformation of the sheets causes the electrical circuit to open, allowing the protected element not to exceed…

Temperature probes

Temperature probes are used in those applications where there must be a temperature control. The main sensors are NTC, PTC, PT100 and PT1000. Applications: Refrigeration (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning systems and industrial refrigeration). Heating (boilers and central heating systems). Cooking (ovens, grills and cookers). View products

Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are the perfect answer for those looking for an efficient, high-performance solution for applications requiring temperature control. Thanks to their PTC ceramic component, these heaters achieve an optimum balance between power and temperature, allowing automatic regulation and maximising energy efficiency. A high performance product thanks to its versatility, offering solutions for different applications…


Encoders convert their shaft rotation into an electrical signal. The applications are numerous: Hobs Ovens Washing machines Dishwashers Other appliances It has two versions: Incremental up to 21 positions. Potentiometer with digital output. See products

Cable entry plate KADP

The KADP cable entry plate is used to insert and seal cables in enclosures, machines and control cabinets. Main aplications: Wiring Electrical installations Mobile studio and lighting technology Measurement and control devices Drive engineering Wind power and solar energy technology See product


We supply electromechanical timers for various applications. The main ones are: Home appliances Industrial ovens Industrial machinery We can supply the timer with specific PCB board for the end of cycle warning (buzzer). See products