Flexible heating cable

The flexible heating cables are manufactured by winding a heating wire around a fibreglass core. They can be insulated with different materials such as silicone, PVC and fibreglass. The selection of the materials depends on the working temperature.
It is possible to add a special metal braid on the external insulation to protect the cable from mechanical stress and improve its thermal distribution. The metal braid acts as well as grounding.
The possibility to differentiate the specific charge within the hot area, enables to obtain different temperatures in different parts of the same item. The technology with incorporated cold parts is available as well.


– High adaptability to complex surfaces such as cavities, tubes, etc.
– Possibility to operate immersed or in environments with high humidity
– Easy installation
– High design customizability
– Wide range of terminals, plugs or other special connections



– Automotive and transports (car and truck rear mirrors, trains)

– Catering (refrigerators, temperature reducers)

– Air conditioning (air conditioners, cranckase heaters)

– Industrial and commercial refrigeration (drip trays, doors for cold storage rooms)

– Bathrooms (towel rail heaters, saunas, hydromassage pool)

– Beauty industry (electric blankets, heating mats)

– Household appliances (electric trouser presses, ironing boards)

– Miscellaneous (heating of greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums).


Technical Specifications