Flexible ultra-flat heaters

Flexible ultra-flat heaters are produced using etchedfoil technology on a silk-screened circuit, which is then coupled with insulating materials such as silicone, polyester, polyimide (kapton®), teflon and mica, depending on operating temperatures.
The heaters can be realized according to customer specifications, can be provided with adhesive, either on one or both sides, completed with connectors, connection cables, control thermostats, limiters, sensors, NTC probes, PT100, probe support pockets, diodes, slots, etc.


– Adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
– High flexibility
– Good thermal distribution over the whole heating surface
– Reduced thickness
– Differentiated powers
– Easy installation



– Automotive and transports (car and truck rear mirrors, train carriages)

– Industrial applications (heated presses, dies, heating surfaces)

– Catering (hot plates, bain-maries, food warmers)

-Air conditioning (air conditioners, cranckase heaters)

– Industrial and commercial refrigeration (drip trays, anticondensation for refrigerated display cabinets)

– Medical (ultrasound washing, medical and lab instruments)

– Bathrooms (saunas, hydromassage pools, electric blankets, demist bathroom mirrors, towel rail heaters)

– Household appliances (coffee makers, ice cream makers, yogurt makers, slow cookers, feeding bottle heaters, electric trouser presses)
– Miscellaneous (telecommunication antennas, incubators for pets, anticondensation for electric equipment and panel, heating of greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums).

Technical Specifications