Thick film heaters

This type of heater is based on silk screening of conductive and resistive inks, which are deposited with

different compositions and layers, depending on the electric specifications required, on materials such as PET and PVC.
This manufacturing process permits to design the heaters according to customer requirements.
Thick film technology makes the product very flexible, with limited dimensions, ensuring a high thermal uniformity as well
as low energy consumption.
The high degree of customization is ensured by the possibility to apply adhesives, thermostats, probes, euro-plugs, wiring,


– Adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
– High flexibility
– Good thermal uniformity
– Reduced thickness (max 2mm)



– Automotive and transports (car and truck rear mirrors, train carriages)

– Catering (hot plates, bain-maries, food warmers)

– Air conditioning (air conditioners, cranckase heaters)

– Industrial and commercial refrigeration (drip trays, anticondensation for refrigerated display cabinets)

– bathrooms (saunas, hydromassage pools, electric blankets, demist bathroom mirrors, towel rail heaters)

– Household appliances (yogurt makers, slow cookers, feeding bottle heaters)

– Miscellaneous (telecommunication antennas, incubators for pets, anticondensation for electric equipment and panel, heating
of greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums).

Technical Specifications