Heating cable on aluminium foil

The flexible heating cable, produced with different types of insulating material depending on the operating temperature, can be thermowelded on aluminium foil or inserted between two aluminium foils so to improve the thermal exchange.
In order to enable quick application, the cable on aluminium foil can be provided with adhesive.
It can be completed with thermal regulators (thermostat, thermal fuse), different types of connection cables, terminals and specific connections.


– High adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
– Possibility to operate immersed or in environments with high humidity
– Reduced thickness (max 4mm)
– Easy installation
– High customization based on customer specification



Industrial applications (dies, heating surfaces)

– Catering (hot plates)

– Air conditioning (conditioning machines)

– Refrigeration (defrosting of evaporators for industrial, commercial and
domestic refrigerators)

– Medical (medical and lab instruments)
– Bathrooms (saunas, hydromassage pool)

– Beauty industry (electric blankets)

– Household appliances (yogurt makers, slow cookers, feeding bottle warmers)

– Miscellaneous (telecommunication antennas, incubators for pets).

Technical Specifications