Heating cable in aluminium tube

The flexible heating cable can be inserted into an aluminium tube and shaped as required by the customer, enabling quick
application, especially in cavities. It ensures good resistance to mechanical stress and guarantees high thermal exchange, especially used in contact with metallic parts which otherwise may damage the insulation of the heating cable (e.g. fins of evaporators).
Depending on the needs of the application, differentiated hot parts can be foreseen in the same heater, so as to optimize
This kind of heater is specifically suitable to work immersed in water or in environments with high humidity, thanks to integrated cold parts technology and to the specific heat shrinks applied to the aluminium tube ends which assure water proof.
Heaters can be provided with thermal regulators (thermostat, thermal fuse), different types of connection cables, terminals
and specific connections.


– Possibility to work immersed or in environments with high humidity
– Easy installation
– High customization based on customer specification
– Possible development and execution with different powers



– Industrial applications (heating surfaces)

– Catering (hot plates)

– Air conditioning (conditioning machines)

– Refrigeration (defrosting of evaporators for industrial, commercial and domestic refrigerators)

– Medical (medical and lab instruments)
– Household appliances (yogurt makers, slow cookers, feeding bottle warmer).


Technical Specifications